Fire Service Charges / Fees

The following charges apply for services provided by Wicklow County Fire Service.

Fire Brigade attendance at: Charge:
1.Chimney Fire €250
2. Road Traffic Accident Wage cost + 1/3 Overheads
3.House Fires Wage cost + 1/3 Overheads
4.Business / Factory Fires Wage cost + 1/3 Overheads
5.License Applications: Pubs, Restaurants, Discos, Club Halls etc €200
6.False Alarm: House, Business Premises Wage cost + 1/3 Overheads
7.Requested Familiarisation visits €100
8.Requested Letter of Information €75


The Fire Service charges for the services it provides. Fire charges are an important element in financing the Fire Service and they help fund the cost of providing the service.

Charges for Fire Brigade Services

Fire charges will be levied against the beneficial owner of the property where the incident occurs.

Fire charges will not be levied where serious injury or a fatality occurred in the fire or where the building is known to be owned and operated for a charitable purpose.

Pursuant to Section 35 (3) of the Fire Services Act 1981 and 2003 and the provisions of the Local Government (Financial Provisions)(No. 2) Act, 1983 and the Local Government Financial Provisions Act, 2000 the following Fire Service charges will be levied:

  • Domestic Premises Chimney
  • Road Traffic Accident (Non Fatal)
  • Motor Vehicle Fire
  • Refuse Skip/Refuse Bin Fire
  • Commercial Premises Automatic Fire Alarm Activation
  • Passenger Lift Rescue
  • Commercial Flooding or Pumping Incident
  • Fire Other Domestic Premises Fire
  • Domestic Lockouts
  • Commercial Premises Incident
  • Chemical/Pollution Incidents
  • Domestic Premises Automatic Fire Alarm Activation
  • Rescue Incident
  • Domestic Flooding or Pumping Incident
  • Controlled Burning Incidents Where Service is Rendered (Domestic Incident)
  • Controlled Burning Incidents Where Service is Rendered (Commercial Incident)


  • Bogus calls (charge to caller where caller is identified). The charge will be in accordance with type of incident and time involved.
  • Fire Brigade attendance where service is not required, but the call is not cancelled before arrival at the scene. The charge will be in accordance with type of incident and time involved.
  • Fire Brigade attendance where service is not required and the call is cancelled on route to the incident (except in cases of commercial activated fire alarms) - No charge.
  • All charges for attendance are charged at a minimum charge of 1 hour
  • No charge is levied in the case of incidents involving fatalities

Fire Service Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do once I receive a fire invoice?

In cases where the property or vehicle is covered by insurance, you are advised to contact your insurance company as you may be covered for fire brigade charges under your insurance policy.

How can I pay an invoice?

  • Detach the remittance slip from the bottom of the invoice and post it with your payment to the Finance Section, Cash Office, Wicklow County Council, Station Road, Wicklow, Co. Wicklow or
  • In person to the Revenue Counter, Wicklow County Council, Station Road, Wicklow, Co. Wicklow. The Cash Office is open Monday to Friday from 09.00-17.0 hrs. or
  • By telephone through debit/credit card. Please phone the Cash Office at +353 404 20128. Please be able to quote your Invoice Number and Customer Number when making this payment or
  • By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – Wicklow County Council bank details are: Bank of Ireland, Main Street, Wicklow, Co. Wicklow. Account No: 15587561, Sort Code: 906734 IBAN IE78 BOFI 9067 3415 5875 61 SWIFT/BIC BOFIIE2D Please quote fire invoice no. and customer no. when making payment to ensure correct allocation of your payment.

What if I received an invoice for a road traffic accident?

An invoice is sent to the registered owner of each vehicle involved in a road traffic accident. When two or more parties are involved in a road traffic accident, payment in full should be made by the person accepting liability or who has been deemed liable, either by agreement or as determined by a court of law.

What if I didn’t call the fire brigade?

An invoice is issued to the person who has received the benefit of the service, and liability for the charge is not dependant on whether the person called the fire service.

What if I don’t have insurance and I can’t afford to pay the invoice?

In some instances payment of the invoice can be facilitated in instalments. A person can write to the Revenue Section, Wicklow County Council, Station Road, Wicklow, Co Wicklow OR to outlining their circumstances and it will be examined taking the following factors into account:

  • Personal circumstances
  • Ability to pay
  • Amount of charges

Wicklow County Council operates a waiver system for the following

  • Persons living alone in receipt of Old Age Pension (contributory and non-contributory)
  • Household income (from employment/social welfare) not exceeding €240 p/w for persons living alone
  • Household income (from employment/ social welfare not exceeding €440 p/w for two or more persons in a household

Application Form for Waiver of Fire Service Charges

Please note that a waiver does not automatically entitle you to a 100% waiver. Every application is dealt on a case by case basis.

A waiver will not be offered to persons whose premise is covered by insurance. In cases where insurance companies will not cover the charge, written confirmation on the insurance company’s headed paper will be required.

If I need more information, who do I contact?

Further information is available from Wicklow County Council at 0404-20128