Coast Care

The aim of Coastcare is to involve local people in caring for their local coastal environment, by promoting and supporting safe enjoyable conservation activities, such as beach clean-ups, awareness raising and practical countryside tasks. A small grant may be available to help towards the cost of insurance, project materials, safety equipment, or volunteer expenses.

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of the marine environment.
  • Undertake specific actions to improve the quality of the coast.
  • Encourage community participation.

There are many things that Coastcare can offer you. Starting or joining a Coastcare group can put you into contact with other environmental organisations or other Coastcare groups. Training opportunities may be available to help develop your proposed projects and activities.

There is no limit to what a Coastcare group can achieve. Projects and activities are up to you! New ideas, fun and novel activities are always being looked for and the Clean Coast Project is designed to help. If you want to be active and take pride in your local beach, Coastcare could be just what you are looking for.

A grant is available for groups, but is dependent on the type of project involved and what the costs may be. The best thing to do is to contact the Clean Coast project officer and discuss your needs.

There is a 'Coastcare Group Information Pack' which may be downloaded for interested groups which gives you further information on how to start/join a Coastcare group; the steps to becoming a Coastcare group member; and details about becoming eligible for a grant. Your project officer is also available to give help and advice and provide a useful link to other organizations concerned with the coast in your area.

Coast Care Groups in County Wicklow

  • Brittas Bay Coast Care Groups
    Contact: Paul Leahy
    Tel: 087 6678 569
  • Arklow Coast Care Groups
    Contact: Corey Bateman
    Tel: 086 669 9951
  • Bray Coast Care Group
    Contact: Seamus Connor, Chairman
    Tel: 086 069 2407
  • Greystones Coast Care Group
    Frank Coyne
    Greystones Tidy Towns

Green Coast Award

The Green Coast Award acknowledges beaches which meet EC bathing water quality standards, but which are also prized for their natural, unspoiled environment. A "natural, unspoilt environment" means that the special character of such a beach may not be compatible with the level of infrastructure and intensive management generally associated with more urban, traditional seaside resort beaches. The award is applied for by the local authority.

The Award is objective-led, which encourages 'best practice' in management of rural beaches and emphasises community involvement in their management. Green Coast Award beaches demonstrate clean water and sound environmental management.

Beaches eligible for this award will generally:

  • Be managed carefully and in consultation with conservation organisations, so as to take into account in the management plan, their environmentally sensitive nature.
  • Have considered the design and location of facilities and signs whether close to or distant from the beach, so as to minimise their visual impact on the landscape.
  • Be cleaned of litter sensitively without removing natural debris such as driftwood and seaweed.