Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention deals with fire safety in the built environment and the safety of persons who occupy buildings. Fire Officers have the powers to serve a Fire Safety Notice or Closure Notice on buildings that are not in compliance with Fire Safety Regulations.

Fire Prevention functions are facilitated by the following legislation:

The following indicates areas of work that are covered by Fire Prevention:

  • Assess and issue reports on Fire Safety Certificate Applications
  • Inspections under the Fire Services Acts 1981 & 2003. particular emphasis is placed on high risk premises such as nursing homes and places of assembly i.e., large pubs and nightclubs
  • Follow-up on complaints relating to fire safety in buildings covered by the Fire Services Acts 1981 & 2003
  • Report on planning applications to the planning authority
  • During performance inspections (DPI)
  • Assessment of and report on applications under the Explosives Act including storage of mixed explosives
  • Pre-assessment of sites for pyrotechnic (fireworks) displays
  • Provide advice to members of the public. schools and other groups
  • Provide fire safety information and instruction to local groups

If you require any information or leaflets or wish to hold a fire safety talk, please contact Wicklow Fire Service at 01 2117600 or email