Hedge cutting - Seasonal Reminder to Landowners


In the interests of road safety, landowners are reminded to ensure that trees, hedges or other vegetation are maintained in such condition that they are not a hazard to road users and that they do not interfere with the maintenance of the public road.

 In particular branches which jut out onto the road (including the footpath) should be cut back. Dead and unsafe trees should be removed and hedges should be cut and trimmed. It is recommended that professional advice on the condition of roadside trees should be obtained from time to time.  When landowners are maintaining hedges or trees all reasonable care should be taken to ensure the safety of road users while this work is being carried out.

All necessary work should be carried out between 1st September, 2017  and 28th. February 2018,  in order to comply with the Wildlife Acts.

Important Note:

Those engaged in road-side hedge-cutting may be guilty of an offence if they allow or cause the dispersal or spread of Japanese knotweed in the course of their work. In order to avoid potential liability you should:

Avoid it! Japanese knotweed plants and an area of  seven meters offset from visible infestations should not be disturbed in any way.  Do not cut or trim Japanese knotweed! Cutting or trimming can generate thousands of small fragments, each of which can regenerate into a new plant.    

Report it! The location and extent of the infestation should be reported to District Engineer

Maintenance of roadside vegetation by landowners is a requirement of the Roads Act and Wicklow County Council will be taking a proactive approach in enforcing this legislation.