Joining the Fire Service

Retained Firefighters

Wicklow Fire Service is a retained fire service. Firefighters are part-time and they generally have other jobs or businessess. The main requirement when recruiting Firefighters is that they live and work within a reasonable distance of the Fire Station and have to have a reasonable level of fitness. The position is open to male and female applicants. Though part-time, recruits undergo extensive initial training including a two week recruit course and a two week breathing apparatus wearers course.

When a call is received for the Fire Brigade, the alerters for a particular brigade are activated and the firefighters, who each carry an alerter, respond to the fire station immediately. Firefighters could be at work or at home in bed when called. They then make their way to the station as quickly as possible. They are governed by the rules of the road when responding to the fire station.

Wicklow Fire Service recruit persons to the Fire Service as vacancies arise. Vacancies are advertised in the local newspapers, on local radio and on the latest news section of this website.

  • An application form must be completed
  • A Garda Vetting Form must be completed
  • When a vacancy appears, interviews are held and qualified candidates are put on a panel
  • From this panel persons are asked to carry out a medical and physical test
  • If successful at these tests, a person is sent on a two week firefighter recruit induction course. Once this is successfuly completed the new firefighter is given an alerter and will then attend fires with the remainder of the crew
  • The new firefighter is usually sent on a breathing apparatus course within a year of joining the Fire Service. This must be successfully passed.

The position of Retained Firefighter is very onerous in that a person is available for calls at all times unless he/she has got approval not to attend from his/her Station Officer.