Mobile Workshops

Mobile Machines, Workshops and Contrivance Vehicles

This taxation class includes vehicles that are constructed only for the conveyance of a built-in machine, workshop etc this class includes cranes, well-boring machines, drain cleaning machines etc. These vehicles, like goods vehicles, are designed and constructed for the carriage of various items, which in the main are carried in the course of trade or profession.

Persons wishing to tax a vehicle for the first time as a mobile workshop, machines or contrivance vehicle have the vehicle inspected before it can be taxed at the mobile machine rate. While the Revenue Commissioners may already have certified a vehicle as a Mobile Workshop when it's being imported, this vehicle still needs to be inspected by a member of staff from the Motor Taxation Section.

A vehicle being taxed as a mobile machines needs to be inspected:

  • The first taxing of a mobile vehicle
  • If there is or has been change of ownership since the last taxing regardless if it has been previously been taxed as a mobile machine

In preparation for the inspection vehicle owners should identify the location of the chassis number on the vehicle, they will also need to present the Registration book/VRC/VLC.

As from 13th August 2007 mobile workshops require either a Certificate of Roadworthiness or DOE Pass Statement once the vehicle is a year old.

In general, the documents required to tax a mobile machine are the same as those required to tax a standard goods vehicle. In certain circumstances the documents required may vary. Please contact the Motor Taxation Section for clarification.