Motor Caravans

Requirements for taxing a motor caravan

  • Appropriate Application Form fully completed
    • Form RF100 for New or Imported Vehicle First Taxing
    • Form RF100A or RF100B for renewal of tax
    • Form RF111 if changing tax class
  • Insurance Details fully entered on application form – Insurance Company, Expiry Date and Policy Number
  • Motor Caravan declaration form must also be completed. This document is only necessary if taxing the vehicle for the first time as a motor caravan or if there has been a change in ownership since the last taxing of the vehicle

An Authorised officer from the Motor Tax Office will inspect the vehicle to ensure that it meets the minimum specifications i.e.

  • Permanently affixed sink unit
  • A table (which may be removeable)
  • Cooking equipment fitted not less than two rings

The Revenue Commissioners have advised that no extra duty is payable when changing from van to camper van provided the unladen weight of the vehicle is over 3,000 kg.

The customs use the same inspection criteria as the motor tax offices so therefore it is not necessary for the Authorised officer to inspect a motor caravan if the customs have already certified that the vehicle is in order when it has being imported.

New Regulations Regarding the Periodic Roadworthiness Testing of Motor Caravans

Motor Caravans must be tested on the fourth anniversary of first registration and thereafter every two years until the vehicle is ten years old, after which annual testing applies. This is identical to the test frequency for cars at NCT with annual testing of ten year old vehicles commencing since 1st June 2011.

Motor Caravans registered prior to 1st January 1980 are exempt from testing. Again this is identical to the in place for vehicles registered prior to this date that are tested at NCT.