1 baby = 5,000 nappies = 1,750 kilograms of domestic waste

Babies need nappies, but which type is the right one?

Did you know that a two and a half-year-old baby will produce a five metre high pile of used disposable nappies that weigh almost one tonne! Disposables will outlive your child by many lifetimes. It takes 200-500 years for one disposable nappy to decompose.

Find out about modern real nappies at our Nappy Display at the Murrough Environmental Centre, Wicklow Town and at The Bray Recycling Centre.

Irish Companies supplying washable and compostable nappies

Ecobaby Ltd.,
44, Park West Enterprise Centre
Lavery Avenue, Dublin 12
Ph: 1850 52 52 53

Ecoware Ltd
11 Synge Place
Dublin 8
Phone: 086 851 8001
Fax: 01 487 3431