National Primary Route N11

Current Schemes:

Rathnew to Arklow Road Improvement Scheme

On April 30th 2013 The National Roads Authority signed a contract with BAM PPP for the Rathnew to Arklow Road Improvement Scheme and N7 Newlands Cross.

When completed the N11 Rathnew to Arklow Road Improvement Scheme will be part of a 280 km long continuous dual carriageway or motorway between Clogh in County Wexford and Belfast Co. Antrim.

The scheme consists of the following:

  1. 16.38 km dual carriageway between the northern end of the N11 Arklow Bypass (completed in 1999) and the southern end of the N11 Ashford Rathnew Bypass (completed in 2004)
  2. Two Interchanges at the existing Beehive N11/R751 Junction for Wicklow and at the existing Jack Whites N11/R773 Junction for Brittas Bay. The two Interchanges have been assigned Junction numbers 18 and 19 respectively on the new junction numbering strategy currently being rolled out on the N11.
  3. The re-alignment and/or construction of 4.83 km single carriageway running parallel to new N11 dual carriageway
  4. The realignment and/or construction of regional and local roads at the tie in points to the road scheme.
  5. Various other new local roads to connect communities to the new road network.
  6. Five under-bridges and three over-bridges.

The benefits of the scheme are:

  1. Faster journey times for traffic on the N11.
  2. Improved road safety for all road users.
  3. Improved living environment for persons resident along the old N11.
  4. Improved access to communities on both sides of the N11 but especially at Barndarrig, Redcross and Brittas Bay.

Works on site commenced in May 2013 for a duration of 28 months.

Works on the Rathnew to Arklow Road Improvement Scheme Road Works Speed Limit Order No.2 of 2013

Extinguishment of right of Ways

The Council propose to close the local access at the North of the Arklow By Pass. Before work can commence the Rights of Way need to be extinguished. A public consultation was carried out in May 2011. Works are expected to be completed in early 2015.