Non Domestic Water Metering

Water supply in Wicklow

The National Water Services Pricing Policy requires that all non-domestic customers be charged for water and wastewater services on the basis of metered consumption.

A survey undertaken by Wicklow County Council in 2005 identified approximately 3,900 non-domestic users within its catchment area.

Wicklow County Council bills all non-domestic users based on the volume of water consumed as recorded by the new metering system.

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Frequently asked questions

Why am I receiving a bill when I have never been charged before?

Under the National Water Pricing Policy and in keeping with the EU policy and Article 9 of the Water Framework Directive, all Local Authorities are required to achieve universal metering of all non-domestic water services customers by the end of 2006. Any customer that has a connection to a public supply where the subsequent water use is not 100% for domestic purposes is classified as a non-domestic customer. These include farms, offices, factories, schools, shops, restaurants, public houses, and commercial activities within domestic residences.

How will non-domestic and domestic users on the same service be charged?

Where there is a mixed use of domestic and non-domestic activities within a premises supplied through a common water pipe, a domestic allowance will be subtracted from the total usage in order to determine the non-domestic usage subject to billing.

What if I have a leak?

A leak on the customer side of the meter will be recorded as consumed water and will be charged accordingly. It is therefore in the interest of all non-domestic users to check their internal piping and fittings for leakages. Wicklow County Council is continually evaluating its own network to find leaks and reducing water losses thereby improving network management to maximise levels of service.

How will non-domestic water charges be determined?

The charging of water relates to the volume of water actually consumed to cover the

  • Cost of providing the water
  • Cost of managing and maintaining the networks of pipe involved
  • The cost of treating the resultant wastewater

Water charges will be based on the cost associated with providing water and wastewater services. Setting of these charges will be clear and transparent.

What are the current Non Domestic Water Charges?

Metered Water Used per cubic meter - €1.411

Metered Waste Water per cubic meter - €1.634

Meter Management per annum - €60.00

Water Service Availability per annum - €100.00* Maximum Charge. Annual standing charge for water service availability of €8.33 per cubic meter on each of the first 12 cubic meter of annual usage up to a max of €100 per annum

Waste Water Service Availability per annum - €100.00 *Maximum Charge. Annual standing charge for wastewater service availability of €8.33 per cubic meter on each of the first 12 cubic meter of annual usage up to a max of €100 per annum.

How can I reduce my bill?

Non-domestic billing will be based on the water used therefore any changes undertaken to minimise water usage or programmes introduced to reuse water will directly impact on the bills received. Consumption can be reduced by:

  • developing a water management plan within the workplace
  • involving all staff and making everyone aware of conservation
  • replacing worn out or broken equipment with systems that are water efficient
  • considering the use of tap aerators or flow regulators which are easily fitted attachments which can reduce usage from a tap by as much as half
  • setting up a reporting procedure for leakages and water losses in the workplace then fixing all leaks and by making repairs as soon as is possible. A leaking tap looses on average one litre per hour or up to 10,000 litres per year

Turning off any unnecessary flows and equipment when not in use and ensuring water pressures and flows are at minimum required settings. A dishwasher cycle uses on average 50 litres if the machine is full and the same amount if it is only half full.