Oil Boiler Servicing 2018

Wicklow Co Co will be arranging to have tenants oil boilers serviced on an ongoing basis. Tenants should note the following:

  1. There must be an adequate supply of oil in your tank to allow the service to be carried out.
  2. Tenants are advised not to fill the tank from 20 L drums (as this usually involves fuel wastage due to spillage) or to connect such drums directly to the burner (as this bypasses important safety devices).
  3. Fuel poverty is an issue but tenants should note that many oil distributors offer monthly payment plans for oil supply whereby you can get a bulk delivery and pay for it over a number of months.
  4. Failure to keep the tank filled will allow air to enter the supply line which will stop the boiler from operating and will require bleeding. Tenants should not attempt to bleed the pump/burner themselves.
  5. Oil Storage Tanks:

    Tenants are warned not to jack up the oil storage tank at one end in order to get every last drop of oil to enter the burner. This is counter productive. Tanks are intended to be installed with the floor of the tank falling away from the outlet. This is to prevent water and sediment from entering the supply line to the burner. Water is denser than oil and will separate at the bottom of the tank. Sediment (dirt) and water entering the burner and pump will damage both. Tilting the tank may also cause cracking/splitting of the tank which will result in oil leakage. It may also damage the oil supply pipe to the boiler. Tenants should regularly check their tanks for any signs of cracking. If you find a crack in your oil tank, contact Housing immediately on 0404-20120 or your local Municipal District office. Tenants should not erect timber fencing, trellises etc around the oil tank as this would be a potential fire hazard.
  6. It is in the tenant’s interests to provide access to the servicing contractor. Soot builds up within the combustion chamber of an oil boiler and reduces the rate of heat transfer to the water. This will result in fuel wastage. Typically, an oil boiler which has run for 1000 hours will have accumulated 3mm of soot which will result in 8% more fuel use than is necessary. Servicing involves cleaning the combustion chamber to remove this soot. Efficient combustion requires the correct fuel pump pressure, air pressure and correct nozzle size and spray pattern. The service technician will set and select these correctly. This cannot be done by the tenant as it requires the use of a Flue Gas Analyser.

    Inefficient combustion means the boiler will use more oil than is necessary.
  7. Correct Fuel:

    All of our oil boilers (and particularly condensing boilers) are designed to run on Class C 28 second Kerosene only. They cannot run properly on diesel or mixtures of diesel and kerosene. Use of the incorrect fuel will damage the boiler and invalidate any warranty.

    Boiler houses:

    If you have a boiler house or the boiler is located inside a shed, do not store other materials, and in particular, fuels and flammable products such as logs, coal, petrol, paints, thinners etc on or around the boiler or flue.

The following contractors will be servicing oil boilers in 2018 for Wicklow Co Co:

  1. Turlough Bracken – Bracken Plumbing & Heating - 086-2731294 - Arklow MD, Wicklow MD, Baltinglas MD - Tinahely Area
  2. O’Kane Plumbing & Electrics – 01-4979103 - Greystones MD, Bray MD, Baltinglass MD - West Wicklow

Wicklow Co Co is an OFTEC registered organisation and has it’s own OFTEC registered technicians who will carry out some of this work.




All contractor’s and Council technicians are OFTEC registered and carry OFTEC ID cards.