Register of Electors

Local Elections 2014

Structure and membership of Wicklow County Council

Wicklow County Council has 32 members.

County Wicklow is divided into 5 Local Electoral Areas ( L.E.A.’s ) for the purposes of the elections and an election is held in respect of each L.E.A. for the number of council members assigned to that area.

Details of the 5 local electoral areas are set out below:

Polling Scheme 2014

Notice of the Making of a Polling Scheme

Wicklow County Council has, by resolution dated the 13th January, 2014, made a Polling Scheme dividing the County into Polling Districts for the purposes of Elections and Referendums and appointing a polling place for each Polling District.

The Polling Scheme will come into operation on the 15th February, 2014.

Copies of the Scheme, together with a map, have been deposited for inspection during normal office hours at the following locations:

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