Vintage & Veteran Vehicles

A vehicle is classed as a vintage/veteran once it is 30 years old from the date of manufacture. If the vehicle owner does not have the appropriate registration documents and the Motor Tax office is unable to trace any details of same from the National Vehicle Driver System or from older records retained by the appropriate Local Authority then the vehicle will have to be re registered with the Revenue Commissioners and a new registration number issued.

Documentation required for taxing a vintage vehicle

  • Computerised reminder - Motor Tax Renewal Form RF100B - this is the reminder form received from the Vehicle Registration Unit approximately 2 weeks before the tax on the vehicle expires


  • A fully completed Motor Tax renewal application - Form RF100A should be used in any of the following circumstances or RF111 if changing to vintage since last taxation
    • For vehicles with an arrears period
    • Where the computerised reminder - Form RF100B has not been received, from the Vehicle Registration Unit
  • Confirmation of current insurance details
  • Appropriate Fee