Arklow & Environs Local Area Plan 2017

Stage 1: Pre Draft Public Consultation

Submissions were sought on the review of the existing plan and preparation of the new Arklow and Environs Local Area Plan (LAP) 2018. The public consultation period ran from 12.10.16 to 11.11.16. A ‘Consultation Issues Booklet’ was prepared which looked at the significant planning issues that the LAP will address. A public information day was held in the Arklow Municipal District Offices, on 18.10.16.

Stage 2: Draft Local Area Plan Public Consultation

This draft Arklow and Environs Local Area Plan (LAP) 2018 should be read in conjunction with the County Development Plan The draft LAP was on display from 05.07.17 to 15.08.17 during which time 29 submissions were received. 

Stage 3: Chief Executive’s Report

A Chief Executive’s Report on the submissions received during stage 2 was prepared and issued to the Elected Members for their consdieration. This report was considered at the full county council meeting on the 06.11.17 where a number of proposed material alterations were agreed. 

Stage 4: Proposed Material Alterations to the Draft LAP

The public are invited to view the proposed alterations from 22.11.17 to 19.12.17 (normal opening times) at:

  • Wicklow County Council, County Buildings, Station Road, Wicklow Town
  • Arklow Municipal District Office, Castle Park, Arklow
  • Arklow Library
  • Here on the Council’s website.


Everyone is invited to send in a submission on the proposed material alterations ONLY on or before 5.00pm 19th December 2017 in one of the following ways:

1. Write to: Administrative Officer, Planning Section, Wicklow County Council, Station Road, Wicklow Town.

2. Email to: