Bathing Waters

Wicklow County Council conducts monitoring of its bathing waters areas along its coastline during the bathing season, which runs from 1st June to 15th September of each year. There are six bathing waters identified under the Bathing Water Regulations 2008. These are Bray South Promenade, Greystones South Beach, Silver Strand, Brittas Bay North Beach, Brittas South Beach and Clogga Beach, which achieved either excellent or good classification, based on the last 4 years of sample results. Blue Flags were awarded to Brittas Bay North, Brittas Bay South and Greystones South and Bray South Promenade for the 2017 season.

The Council also monitors six other bathing waters in the County namely; South of Bray Harbour, Kilcoole Beach, The Murrough Wicklow, Wicklow Harbour Bathing Area, Wicklow Harbour Lifeboat Area and Arklow South Beach. The Arklow South Beach was awarded the Green Coast Flag in 2017.

Bathing Water Profiles have been prepared for the identified bathing waters which describe the location, the features and the facilities of these bathing waters and the pressures in the catchment which can affect the water quality.

On occasion, warning notices may be issued advising against bathing at bathing waters where the Local Authority in consultation with the Health Service Executive, has reason to believe, that the water quality may be insufficient and present an increased risk to bathers health. Such notices will be published here and on the EPA splash website in the case of the six identified bathing waters.

EPA website for Bathing water information

The results of samples taken are also show here.