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Extract from first minutes of Rathdrum RDC dated 25 August 1899



Wicklow County Council came into being in 1899 as a result of the Local Government Act, 1898. Prior to this, local government functions had been carried out by the Grand Juries and the Boards of Guardians.  The county councils were an important instrument in establishing democratic local government in Ireland for the first time, and in trying to improve social conditions for the people of the country. 

A broad range of information is available in the minutes of Wicklow County Council, as well as the various town and rural councils, relating not only to its work but also to events of local and national significance.  They area a wonderful rich archival source illustrating the various aspects of local administration and democratic government during one of the most significant periods in Irish history.  Resolutions of the councils give an insight into national and international events and contain an important record of local views of these events.    




Wicklow County Council

Minute Books:

1899 – 2003


Rural District Councils

Minute Books: 

Rathdrum, 1899 – 1925

Shillelagh, 1899 – 1920


Urban District Councils (& preceeding Town Commissioners)

Minute Books:

Arklow from 1878

Bray from 1857

Greystones from 1984

Wicklow from 1847