Housing Options

Social Housing Support

Local authorities are the main providers of housing for people who are in need of housing and who cannot afford it from their resources. To be considered for local authority housing, you should apply to your relevant local authority. Applicants must be accepted by the local authority as being in need of housing, and houses are allocated to applicants through the relevant Local Authorities scheme of letting priorities, taking all circumstances into account. A differential rent scheme applies and rents are calculated according to your ability to pay. Properties are allocated in accordance with the Council’s Scheme of Letting Priorities taking all the applicant’s situation into consideration.  

Rental Accommodation Scheme

RAS(Rental Accommodation Scheme) commenced in Wicklow County Council in May 2006. RAS is an initiative introduced by the Department of the Environment, and Local Government to cater for the accommodation needs of persons who are in receipt of rent supplement, for more than 18 months, and who have a long-term housing need. Its aim is to provide additional, good quality rented accommodation and the scheme is being run by Wicklow County Council for the entire County including Arklow, Bray and Wicklow Town Councils. Under this Scheme, Wicklow County Council enters into agreements with Accommodation Providers (Landlords) who either have existing Rental Supplement Recipients as tenants or have (new) dwellings for use under the Scheme. The landlord and Local Authority sign a contractual agreement for the letting of their property. The landlord no longer has to collect rent, fill vacancies or pay agency fees and is guaranteed a prompt rent payment, payable monthly by the Local Authority and in some cases even when the property is vacant. In return the tenants will be assured a good standard of accommodation and the opportunity to return to work without losing all the benefits of their income supports. RAS will not affect their rights under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2004, which protects the rights of private rented sector tenants after a period of six months. The key 'landlord and tenant' relationship will remain between the property owner and the former rent supplement recipient. Landlords retain responsibility for insurances, for the management and maintenance, and all furnishings and fittings and for addressing Anti Social Behaviour. Expressions of interest are invited from landlords who wish to participate in the Scheme. Full details of the Scheme are available in the Landlord and Tenant Leaflets which are available on our website. If you are interested in finding out more about the scheme or have any queries please contact the RAS Section at 0404 20120, ext 2354 or ras@wicklowcoco.ie

Low Cost Housing Sites

Under this scheme, a local authority may make housing sites available at low cost. To be eligible for one of these sites, you must be a person whose application for local authority housing has been approved by the local authority, or A local authority tenant or tenant purchaser who wished to buy a private house and to return your present house to the local authority, or a tenant for more than one year of a house provided by a voluntary body under the Capital Loan and Subsidy Scheme who wished to buy a private house and return your present house to the voluntary body Voluntary Housing bodies providing houses under the Capital Assistance or Capital Loan and Subsidy Schemes may also avail of the sites scheme, as may persons taking shared ownership through a group of housing projects sponsored by a housing co-operative or local authority. The sites scheme can be used in conjunction with the mortgage allowance scheme and the new house grant. Where a site was originally provided under the low cost sites scheme by the local authority at a discount from market value you must refund to the local authority a % of the proceeds from the sale of your property, in line with the original percentage discount on the sale price. 

Mortgage Allowance Scheme 

If you are a tenant or tenant purchaser of a local authority house returning your existing house to the local authority and taking out a mortgage of at least €38,092 to purchase a house or to have a house built for yourself, you may qualify for a mortgage allowance. The allowance is similarly available if you are a tenant of more than one year of a house provided by a voluntary housing body under the Capital Loan and Subsidy Scheme returning your existing house to the body. The mortgage allowance is an allowance of up to €11,428 paid on a reducing basis over 5 years and is designed to ease the transition from rent to mortgage. The allowance is paid directly to the mortgage lender so that your mortgage repayments are reduced by the amount of the subsidy.