Motortax Application Forms

Motor Tax Renewal Form RF100A

This form should be used when:

  • You do not have a computer-printed Motor Tax Renewal Form (RF100B) or
  • There is a change of owner details (not ownership) i.e. Name/Address (e.g. on Marriage) since the vehicle was last taxed

Change of Particulars RF111

Use this form if details relating to you or your vehicle have changed since the vehicle was last taxed DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REGISTER CHANGES OF OWNERSHIP

Application for a Refund of Motor Tax RF120

Tax Disc must be surrendered immediately as refunds are generally calculated from the first of the month following the surrender of the disc. A minimum of 3 unexpired whole calendar months must be left on the disc when surrendered.

Declaration of Non-Use of a Motor Vehicle

Notification of Transfer of Vehicle Ownership RF200

For Vehicles Registered Before 1/1/93 Only

Goods Only Declaration RF111A

You must complete this Declaration at a Garda Station if you are taxing the vehicle at the goods rate and the design gross vehicle weight of the vehicle does not exceed 3,500kg.

Trade Licence Application RF700

This form may be used to apply for up to six Trade Licences, or for a Replacement Trade Licence if one previously obtained has been lost, stolen or destroyed.

Application for Replacement Document RF134

The application is for the following replacement document(s):

  • Registration Book or Registration Certificate RF101
  • Tax Disk
  • Trailer Licence Card