Register of Electors

Your Right to Vote!

The Council is responsible for compiling the Register of Electors(voting register) for County Wicklow. The Register is updated annually and comes into force on February 15th every year. Persons aged 18 or over on that date who are otherwise qualified can register to vote.

Each year, an intensive door-to-door campaign is carried out in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Department of environment, heritage and Local Government in order to attain the highest possible degree of accuracy.

Please note: A return is required from every household in the County even if you are already registered and there is no change in details.

Each householder can facilitate the process in one of the following two ways:

  1. Provide/confirm registration details to the fieldworker when they call to your dwelling OR
  2. Complete and return immediately the registration form which will be left by the fieldworker if they receive no response.
  3. Forms are also available at all Council Offices, Libraries, Post Offices and Garda Stations.

Where the first call fails to achieve a response and the registration form is not returned within two weeks, the fieldworker will call back and leave another registration form if there is nobody at home.

Anybody who fails to make a return will have their names removed from the Register and will be advised in writing. They will then have the opportunity to reply within 10 days in order to remain on the register.

Remember the onus is on you, the citizen to ensure you have a vote: It's your vote - don't lose it.

Are You Registered to Vote?

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