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Regulation of Lobbying Act, 2015

The Regulation of Lobbying Act, 2015 (the Act) will come into effect on 1st September, 2015. The Act provides that the Standards in Public Office Commission will establish and maintain an online Register of Lobbying and oversee compliance with the legislative provisions. The purpose of the Register is to make information available to the public on the identity of those communicating with designated public officials on specific policy, legislative matters or prospective decisions.

The Protected Disclosures Act, 2014

The Protected Disclosures Act, 2014 – Report for year ended 30th June, 2017

The Protected Disclosures Act 2014 became operational on 15th July 2014. The Act is intended to provide a robust statutory framework within which workers can raise concerns regarding a potential wrongdoing that has come to their attention in the workplace in the knowledge that they can avail of significant employment and other protections if they are penalised by their employer or suffer any detriment for doing so.


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