Wicklow County Development Plan 2016 - 2022

Volume 2 – CDP Town Plans and Settlement Plans



Wicklow County Council proposes to VARY the Wicklow County Development Plan 2016-2022 in respect of the following:

1.1 Amend Vol 1, Chapter 1, Section 1.3 – Structure of the plan

1.2 Amend Vol 1, Chapter 2, Section 2.4.5 – Zoning

1.3 Amend Vol 2, Level 5 Plans – Introduction

1.4 Amend Vol 2, Enniskerry Town Plan – delete plan

1.5 Amend Vol 2, Level 6 Plans – Introduction

1.6 Amend Vol 2, Kilmacanogue Settlement Plan – delete plan

1.7 Amend Vol 3, Appendices 5 and 6


The PROPOSED VARIATION, add, SEA and AA screening reports, was on display from 02 August2017 to 15 September 2017 during which time submissions were recieved. A Chief Executive's Report is to be prepared. This report will be given to the Elected Members for their review. Following on from their review, the proposed variation and the Chief Executive’s Report will be considered at a full Council Meeting Winter 2017.

The CHIEF EXECUTIVE'S REPORT on the submissions received during the public consultation stage was considered at the Council meeting of 22.01.18. A number of alteratiosn were agreed. These changes are ‘material’ alterations to the proposed variation, the alterations will be published for a further round of public consultation in the coming weeks during which time we have to prepare the alterations for publication and carry out environmental and flooding assessments of the alterations.

PROPOSED MATERIAL ALTERATIONS OF PROPOSED VARIATION NO.1 The Proposed Alterations to Variation No. 1  were on display from 09.02.18 to 09.03.18.   

2nd CHIEF EXECUTIVE'S REPORT A Chief Executive's Report on the submission received on the Proposed Material Alterations is currently being prepared and will be issued to the Elected Members for their consideration, with the report being considered at the full County Council meeting in May/June 2018.